Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life Changing

Life as I knew it was Dark

I didn't know myself, my wants, my dreams
I was lost
God sent me a Gift
In the beginning I didn't fully understand it
I didn't clearly see it
Blinded by puerile thoughts
9 months of waiting for it's arriving
Change came to my door step
My Son Tristian
With a kick he changed my Life
My dreams, My wants
I am who I am because of him
Wanting so much more
Praying for tomorrow
Loving this journey of motherhood

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Makes a Good Liar?

What Makes a Good Liar ? lets see.....Full body control, Poker face on, Clear mind, Normal behavior!
Well before I get into it, i would like to give my straight opinion about liars. To be a good Liar we to be a little insensitive to peoples feeling's .We are obviously lying to them for a reason. To me personally we have to be a tad psycho to be good, because normal people aren't so good at lying. And to be Normal and a Great Liar is diffcult because that much attention to your every move, your every thought is intense. You would have to be able to, work out anything with a little bit of information and have a good memory so you wont get caught.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why We Lie!!!!!!

Liar Liar Pant's on Fire
Why is it so hard to tell the truth? Is it because lying is so easy, or is it because people can't handle the truth ? We all lie, one way or another. It doesn't mean we are bad people, just that we can't be truthful about things. Some people have good reasons to lie and others don't, thats just how life is!

But what is a good Reason to lie?What is a bad reason to lie? Can anyone honestly answer that , well please tell me!
In "Why are you lying?" it mentions, there being four types of lies.
The first type is fear, it's almost always fear that triggers people to lie. When people are under pressure or are afraid they tend to lie rather then tell the truth.

Randomly the fairy godmother is a bunch of lies in this life no one really helps but we need to rely on ourselves to get any where in life!

The second type of lie is Habit. Some people's problem is that they are so use to telling lies that they can't control themselves. Every time they have a problem that is either to difficult of scary they just plain out solve it by lying.

Adam and Eve more like man and woman. people say that's how things are surposed to be .Well, yes that is a lie! It doesn't matter if it's Mary and Eve , or John and Adam. Who are we to tell people how to live? We can believe what ever we want and live by what we believe, but stay out of other peoples business!!!!!!!

The third type of lie is Modeling. Children look up to their parents to teach them right from wrong and most parents forget that. if children constantly hear or see their parents lying they will start. "Since Mommy lies ,Its ok for me to lie too!"

Ok our final type of lie is Overprediction. Children predict the outcome of their problem and decided to lie because that way they wont be in trouble. This has to do with the parents reactions to their kids, if they didn't over do somethings kids wouldn't have to turn to lying as an escape. We make our children out of wack because our parenting is disastrous.And I hate those parents that think hitting or shall we say "Abusing" their kids makes them stay in line.Dont fall into that lie, hitting your kids doesn't help it only mess's up their head which would cause Overprediction!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Idol !!!

Angelina Jolie
I first fell in love with her when i saw the movie Tomb Raider.I couldn't keep my eyes off her.At that moment I was hypnotized by her beauty.That day started a life long obsession of her.I couldnt stop looking at pictures of her or watching her movies. I stacked up on magazines,dvd's,pictures and etc.It isn't only her beauty I'm in love with but everything she is.I learned that she not only is beautiful but smart.She's an ambassador of good wil, she does many things all over the world.I connected with her on alot of things.She's not a prissy lil ***** but very down to earth.She has a good and bad side.
She's a wild girl when she wants to be but at the same time care about more then herself. I look up to her, she makes me want to be myself and show people I cna do what i want. I cant say there is anyone better...well i dont think anyone could either!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see"
by:Benjamin Franklin

The quote by Benjamin Franklin is saying dont just believe everything you hear or see you have to keep in mind that it can be a lie. It's just letting people know that nothing thing is what it seems. I've learned that this is true in relationships, I may think my partner feels the same as me because of their behavior towards me , but later on find out it was all a lie. I found out the hard way, I believed every word and everything I allowed myself to see. In the end I was left heartbroken but I learned from it. I learned to not trust everything that is said, and to leave room for the possibility that people lie. PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO LIE TO YOU IT'S EITHER YOU BELIEVE THEM OR NOT!
I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic so my quote is about love.
Tristan:" There are other things to live for: duty, honor. "
Isolde: "But they are not life Tristan. They are the shells of life, and empty ones if in the end all they hold are days and days without love. Love is made by God. Ignore it and you suffer as you cannot imagine"

This quote is from the movie " Tristian and Isolde", it's one of my favorite quotes. This quote is saying one can not truly live if they are living with out love. I can go about my life alone or do things without pleasure. In the end I would realize that I did not live my life to its full capacity. With out risking my heart, without the pleasure of being loved and loving in return I would be empty!
In life we all need to take risks, and with love especially. Look at each day as if it is your last and live. Dont hesitate to make a mistake we can only learn form our mistakes.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC Schools

The article in The New York Times about the response from teacher, students, and parents from a Department of Education Survey was a bit surprising to me. The results came out better then last years, more students felt safe in their schools. Parents thought highly of their children's teachers. Many people were shocked by its results and how many people actually responded. I was shocked also, I thought I was the only person who cared to do the survey. I remember taking every question seriously, Now I see everyone else did too. I do agree with the students about feeling safe in school.Our Schools are so much safer then before. We have better security guards and school safety police.

Our parents believe we are being taught by good teachers. Well it's the truth! Our teachers care about our well being, they find many ways to try and help us get ahead in school.
I believe my school gives me all the help I could need, saftey, good teachers ,great lessons, and just an all around good environment for me to learn. Yes many school need a few improvements but all in all NYC Schools have gotten better!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Music is my life......Music is my best friend....When im down it brings me up....When there's nothing to live for it shows me the right way, makes me hold on and keep going. I love Rock Music.. Every type of Rock..One day I could be listening to Coheed and Cambria and the next listening to Slayer..Im very random..I feel like if I can connect with the lyrics and the guitar and drums are epic then the band is worth listening to..Take Coheed and Cambria they have a very unique sound , all of their lyrics are EPIC and their sound is just crazy nice. I can listen to every song by them like a hundred times , they helped me through alot of rough patches in my life.

System Of a Down....where can I begin to talk about them Originality
begins with them. They have this incredible sound that no one else has. They changed the sound of rock into their own thing. In their music they talk about World Issues, Corrupt Government, Religious Theories, and Life lessions. Amazingly they also just joke around with some songs and make a crazy sound that is their own. This band opens up my eyes to not only my issues but others. At times I just want to scream and form a moshpit in the middle of the street because their music gets my so hyper.

Bullet For My Valentine is a band from the UK, who just took over the rock scene. Not More to say but ...THEY ARE FREAKING HOT....LYRICS WISE.. VOCALS.. GUITAR.. DRUM... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! They literally pulled me away from the edge of the cliff I was going to jump from. THEY ARE JUST EPIC!!

EYES SET TO KILL !!!!!! a band that is still underground but making their way in the rock scene. The lead singer Alexia has a wonderful voice that just makes you melt and feel the songs more. Their songs are about pain , lost love , and basically every day life.

The Used..I can say that I am one of their biggest fans.i listen to their music religiously. What really get me is how the lead singer Bert Mc Craken performs with such passion, you feel as though he is singing every word about you. Their videos are very creative and their music is good.

Avenged Sevenfold one of the coolest bands with the wickedist Guitar and bass players ever..Zacky vengence and Synester Gates have real skills at what they do.

He is one of the most controversal artist that is known. He is smart and very outgoing and doesn't let any one tell him what he can or can't do. He's my idol!!!When I am feeling Anti-Social and Dark I listen to his songs, they calm me down and remind me to be myself . I say *bleep* the world

Slayer ...muahahahhaaaaa ...I love this band ...Not only do they calm me but they make me hate religion. Their songs bring out the lies in religion the hyprocrits in this world.